who we are

A diverse team of ecommerce advisers specialised in Amazon Strategy & Results

AMZ direction is a full-service agency that specializes in Amazon-related services. With over 10 successful years in the online sales business, we bring our wealth of expertise and experience in sales and marketing management to help existing and non-Amazon sellers with setting up, running, and managing their Amazon account. We are all about assisting businesses, whether small or medium, build a robust Amazon portfolio. We make selling on Amazon simple. Our expertise, experience, tools, and strategy are guaranteed to deliver improved growth and profitability.

Our Values

We hire team members who share our core values. Whether we’re interacting with partners, or giving back in the community, the AMZdirection team embodies a commitment to inclusivity and service to others.

Do the right thing

We demonstrate honesty and integrity, even when it’s difficult. We consistently lead by example and have a high ethical code in all we do.

Default to trust

We create a culture of honor and respect that values people over profit. We see the best in others and empower people to be their best.

We before me

We serve others ahead of ourselves and exemplify humility, always building each other up, not tearing down.

Embrace change

We despise complacency, maintaining extreme curiosity and thirst for knowledge. We learn from our mistakes and always adapt to change.

Act like an owner

We do what we say and hold each other accountable. We treat the business like our own and strive to make it better.