Amazon Suspension Appeal and Account Reinstatement

Has Amazon deactivated one of your listings? Or worse, has Amazon suspended your entire seller account?

At AMZdirection, the vast majority of accounts that come to us in a suspended state are recoverable. These accounts or products were often suspended for an accidental violation of policy (eg., an employee of a company opening a new account in the company’s name with no knowledge of an existing account). 

Unfortunately, Amazon is typically challenging and unhelpful in critical times such as these. AMZdirection works hard to unsuspend accounts and listings through meticulous case management and submission of supporting documentation including customized Plans of Action (POA).

Suspension Audit

We will research the underlying causes for suspension. Sometimes, Amazon suspends products or accounts in error. Sometimes, sellers are unknowingly violating Amazon policies. Whatever the reason for suspension, we will find the issue.

Persuasive Appeal Submission

We will draft an appeal and POA for reinstatement that contains all of the necessary information that Amazon seeks. In some cases, Amazon will request more information, or a re-appeal. We’ll take care of it to process the appeal as quickly as possible and ensure that you have the highest likelihood of success.

Suspension Prevention

After your account or product is reinstated, we will review steps that you can take to prevent future issues in your account. We’ll even let you know if any other products or account metrics are at risk and how to solve it.


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Taylor Green
The attention to detail with AMZdirection professional staff is incredible. The entire team has proven to be very innovative and will work with ideas that I have as well and think of new ways to bring more traffic to our site in ways I would never have considered. Their pricing structure is unique and logical saving me money and achieving measurable results at the same time. I cant recommend Thrive strongly enough and will happily use them for my next business venture as well.
Taylor Green